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Our History

What brought me to Arise: I have been with Arise for 6 years, and I'm a hard-working single mom of three. Prior to Arise, I worked for several different companies. Also, I attended college full time, working towards my degree in Business Administration, rarely having enough time for myself and my family.

A very good friend came across the Arise opportunity and shared it with me, but I didn’t realize it would change my life and make it better, so I jumped right in. I started the process and got my first client opportunity. Within a couple of years, I met and exceeded all metrics in quality and revenues. By 2009, I saw a huge difference in income work-life balance and had more flexibility to schedule my work hours. Most importantly, I could spend more time with my family and still meet my commitments to Arise.

What challenges have I encountered: Finding quality people who want to work. People who would make great work-at-home professionals are skeptical because of the up-front costs. When I started, I paid $350. I was not skeptical because I wanted and needed a change and was willing to take a chance. When investing in an opportunity, you have to pay for education and licensing, and certification. Whether it’s Arise or selling hot dogs, you’re investing. A business opportunity will also have a start-up cost.” Arise is a great opportunity. You’ll find some positives some negatives; it’s up to everyone to do the research. It’s possible to be successful and create your lifestyle, just as long as you understand what you put in is what you get out.”

Why Ann Kane Consulting?

The Top 5 Reasons That Online Workers Should Want To Partner With Ann Kane Consulting - My Virtual 9 to 5 is Just one of the Arise Work at Home Job Placement Partners.

The Top 5 Reasons That Online Job and Opportunity Seekers Who Want to Earn Great Revenue Should Partner With Ann Kane Consulting.

If you are online looking for the ultimate work-from-home opportunity, there are many ways to do so. Some prefer to approach it independently, and others prefer to partner with a legitimate and reputable company like Ann Kane Consulting to help them a breakthrough, find work, and earn great revenue.

Ann Kane Consulting is a company that specializes in helping remote workers, and job seekers connect with Arise Virtual Solutions and other similar companies. For aspiring remote worker that wants to have flexible work opportunities brought to them, Ann Kane Consulting is the company you can trust for aspiring remote workers who want to have flexible work opportunities brought to them.

Below are the top five (5) reasons online job opportunity seekers should partner with Ann Kane Consulting.

Reason 1: Ann Kane Consulting helps connect EVERYONE with their ideal work-from-home opportunity.
Ann Kane Consulting is a woman, minority, and Florida-owned business enterprise. This assures that no one, including minority applicants, will receive any discrimination based on gender and race. Everyone will receive a fair shot at landing legitimate work-from-home opportunities.

Reason 2: Ann Kane Consulting allows you to be your boss and work flexible hours.
When you partner with Ann Kane Consulting, LLC, you become your boss. You set your schedule, you select the clients you want to serve, and more importantly, you earn as much revenue as you can.

We are always looking for top talent in the industry, and we will partner with you as long as you are willing to work and demonstrate the necessary skills and effort. However, ultimately, you control how many hours you want to work and how often you want to work.

Reason 3: Ann Kane Consulting is one of the partner companies with Arise Virtual Solutions.
Ann Kane Consulting an IBO at Arise and has been a partner of Arise Virtual Solutions since October 2010. Arise Virtual Solutions is a legitimate and growing company that does Business Process Outsourcing work for many Fortune 500 companies and brands you know and interact with daily. Arise Virtual Solutions specializes in handling customer service, sales, and tech support for many of the fortune 500 companies in the U.S. Ann Kane Consulting has had an excellent relationship with them and has worked with them for the past 6 years.

Reason 4: Great Support for Our Partners.
We offer great customer service and technical support for all of our partners. We respond politely and promptly to every question you ask, and we make it easy for you to earn maximum revenue as quickly as possible if you want to feel that your opinion matters, this is the company to partner up with.

Reason 5: An Opportunity for Reliable, Flexible Work, and Great Revenue Potential.
If you partner with Ann Kane Consulting & Arise Virtual Solutions, you will have an opportunity to earn great revenue and work as many hours as you wish. Given the huge growth in the work-from-home industry over the past decade or so, we consider our partnership with Arise to be strong, and we are dedicated to continuing to grow with Arise and the industry.

Partner with Ann Kane Consulting today, and we will make sure to turn this partnership into a win-win situation for all parties involved.

We look forward to your partnership!